"This follows through to our adulthood. A culture of expecting the worst from strangers, rather than the best. 99 per cent of people are AMAZING. Yet we have a society protecting ourselves from the 1 per cent."

- Artist Alex Desebrock discusses her children’s theatre activity, The Future Postal Service, which was commissioned for our School Holiday Program.

There are many adults in this world who don’t interact with children. I think they miss out on something important. Art can be the circuit breaker.” Alex Desebrock

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In 1959, eight students and their science teacher went missing in Idaho, USA. After a 14-day search police were led to a 4m square black cube in a desert over 50 miles away. Inside was eight letters written by the students to their parents detailing how the teacher has led them to an “alien ship” that will take them to the edge of the visible universe. None of the students, nor the teacher, have ever found and the case has been the source of much controversy and debate ever since.

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Behind the Scenes

The artists and community leaders of The Light in Winter have their photos taken for a portrait series by Wren Photo, which will be printed in the festival program (coming out in May 2014).

Up in lights with Constell-action

Images of the interactive installation brought to Fed Square by Polish new media artists, panGenerator.

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"For digital artists, canvases like Fed Square don’t get much better."
- Madeleine Preece, Carrspace Director

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A full weekend of Pause Fest

You can still get hands-on with Constell-action every evening until 21 February 2014.

Video thanks to Wren Photo.

Making Constell-action…

The panGenerator boys getting ready for the Australian Premiere of their installation Constell-action, 13 - 21 February 2014.

We’ve brought them over from Warsaw to be a part of what is now Australia’s most progressive digital festival, Pause Fest.

Australia’s most progressive digital festival, Pause Fest is coming to Fed Square next week with its biggest program yet! We’re helping bring out Polish new media artists panGenerator for their Australian premiere of Constell-action, 13 - 21 February.

Gravitate by Ethno Tekh is coming back to the Square for Pause Fest - this time they’re linking up with the urban screen in Perth’s Northbridge Piazza in real time. 


The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival wants you to explore and push the boundaries of Australian fashion.


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Connecting to the world through urban screens

More than just a big TV, the Big Screen is our portal to the world.

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Run for your life! There’s a stampede of Rhinos in Fed Square!

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Looking back at 2013

Just some of the many projects the Creative Program team delivered in 2013.

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